Research Projects by Dr. Nigel Brockton, PhD

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Breast Cancer to Bone (B2B) Metastases Research Program – Dr. Brockton and Dr. Friedenreich

The B2B research program aims to establish a cohort infrastructure, a program of multidisciplinary research, and a “centre of excellence” in the study of breast cancer metastases to the bone. The program’s primary objective is to establish an infrastructure to facilitate multidisciplinary research in breast cancer metastases to bone. Secondary objectives are to investigate the […]

Colorectal Cancer Lifestyle & Environment in Alberta Research (CLEAR) Study – Dr. Brockton

Dr. Brockton and investigators from Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary are studying lifestyle and environmental factors related to the progression of colorectal cancer. Using information from all colorectal cancer patients, they hope to learn more about why some colorectal cancers advance faster than others, and how this might be prevented. The spread […]

Human Papillomavirus, Hypoxia, and Head and Neck Cancer – Dr. Brockton

High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a risk factor for head and neck cancer. In this study, Dr. Brockton and his colleagues will investigate the effect of HPV infection on the expression of endogenous markers of hypoxia (EMH) by exploiting an existing retrospective cohort of tumours assembled in tumour microarrays. Because HPV infection may effect […]