Research Projects by Dr. Karen Kopciuk, PhD

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Multistate Models for Risk Estimation and Screening – Dr. Kopciuk

Dr. Kopciuk is a co-principal investigator on a recently funded CIHR grant that will focus on the development, application and evaluation of multistate models for risk estimation and screening on interventions in families carrying a high genetic risk for colon cancer. Along with her colleagues in Toronto and St. John’s, their project will specifically address […]

Performance of Feature Selection Methods for Metabolomic Data – Dr. Kopciuk

High dimensional data are everywhere – from finance to biology to climatology – and the statistical and computational methods to analyse these data are developing at a rapid pace. Metabolomics has emerged as a promising research field in the post-genomic era and the data generated from the multiplexed, high-throughput metabolomic platforms are in the tens […]

Sample Size Estimation for Metabolomics Data – Dr. Kopciuk

Metabolomics has emerged as a promising research field, particularly in personalized medicine where it has been used for diagnostic, predictive and prognostic purposes. Metabolomics measures concentrations of small molecules in fluids such as blood or urine, which are reflective of genetic alterations, protein changes, disease outcomes, or environmental influences. Typical projection-based methods used to analyze […]